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Beam Cross-section of Arbitrary Shape

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In this site you can use a useful tool for structural calculation, which allows to obtain the geometric properties, the shear and torsion factors of beam arbitrary cross-section, useful information to determine the stiffness and strength of the beams.


Web application that takes cross-sections in a DXF drawing and determines the geometric properties, the shear and torsion factors.

The calculation methods used refer mainly to two approaches:

  • An exact method based on contour integrals to determine axial and flexural properties. This allows an exact solution for the generic shape without the need to go through mesh discretization. They are obtained in this way: area, moments of inertia, modulus of elastic and plastic resistance.
  • An approximate but rigorous method that solves multiple boundary conditions of Laplace's equations through the finite element method. This requires generating a mesh. The mesh chosen is triangular at 6 knots, this for excellent performance in generating the mesh and precision of the results. In this way the shear and torsion properties are obtained.

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